Transpac IT | Integrated Pressure Transducer

The Transpac IT is a fully integrated pressure transducer that combines the stopcock and flushing mechanism all in one easy-to-use device. Fewer connections, fewer parts, more confi‡dence and convenience.

Features of Transpac IT

  • IV tubing is bonded directly to the housing to reduce the risk of loose connections 

  • Offers a combined squeeze and pigtail flushing option

  • Fluid path is clear and visable for easy de-bubbling

  • Incorporates a easy to access stopcock side port

  • Available with SafeSet™ integral closed blood sampling and conservation system

  • Available in Adult, Neonatal and Pediatric monitoring kits

How it works

Technical Specs

Operating Pressure: -30 to 300 mm Hg
Overpressure Limits: -400 to 5000 mm Hg
Sensitivity: 5 microvolt/volt/mm Hg ±1% @ 6 VDC and 22°C
Zero Offset: < 25 mm Hg
Zero Drift: < 2 mm Hg in 8 hours
Input Impedance:300-350 ohms
Output Impedance:300 ohms Nominal