Infusion Therapy | Animal Health

Clinically-proven innovations in vascular access technology for animal health.

With such a variety of skills and anatomical knowledge required by veterinary clinicians, it is important that these healthcare workers have access to needlefree technology they can rely on to keep themselves and their four-legged patients safe. It is for this reason that we offer an extensive line of needlefree vascular access devices for use in veterinary clinics. Our custom IV set program is also available to veterinary clinics, helping drive both clinical and economic efficiency.

Our extensive custom set program allows veterinary clinics to avoid the inconvenience of opening and connecting multiple sets, or assembling multiple IV components to achieve a desired set configuration.

This unnecessary burden contributes to wasted time and money. We provide you the opportunity to build cost-effective custom IV sets designed to meet your specific requirements. Whether consolidating existing sets, or designing a new set from the ground up, we prove that customization does not have to cost you more.