PharmAssist™ | Fluid Dispensing Pump

Fast and Easy Fluid Dispensing Technology

The PharmAssist Fluid Dispensing Pump is designed to help you accurately, safely, and efficiently transfer fluids. Its powerful motor and intuitive design make PharmAssist the perfect tool for a variety of pharmacy applications including:

  • Reconstituting drug vials

  • Preparing admixtures

  • Filling sterile syringes

  • Filling ambulatory pumps

  • Filling oral dispensers

  • Large volume diluent transfers

Automatic Operation

Reduce the need to repeatedly press start/stop with the system’s automatic interval setting.

Powerful Motor

Quickly and accurately fill elastomeric pumps or transfer viscous fluids with ninety-nine different speed settings.

Front-Loaded Pump

Decrease repairs and downtime by avoiding the risk of spilled fluids getting inside the pump.

Simple User Interface

Efficiently program and operate using the system’s user-friendly interface.

General Specifications

Delivery Rate: 3 mL/sec to 17 mL/sec (approximately). This may vary slightly and is determined by pump speed, fluid viscosity, and back pressure of in-line devices or filling receptacle.  
Preset Operating Settings:  Forward dispensing (from spike to luer), speed of 55, one cycle, and 0.0 mL volume.  
Allowed Volume Entries:  0.1 mL to 9,999 mL. 
Dispensing Volume Accuracy:  ± 1% (using Adjust feature)* 
Electrical Requirements:  120 VAC/60Hz 
Weight:  16 lbs (approximate). 
Operating Temperature:  45°- 85°F (7°- 29° C) 
Storage Capacity for Programs:  50 stored programs 
*The actual measured volume should always be compared with the desired volume. 

PharmAssist Accessories

PharmAssist Pump Tubing: Single, double, and triple, lead tubing sets. Additional configurations for lipids (i.e., hard-to-fill containers).
Syringe Filling Stand: Stand used to hold the dispensing pump tubing and syringe adapter.
Syringe Adapters: Attachment to ease manipulation of syringe to pump.
Syringe Label Adapter: Squeeze-handle applicator for syringe labels.
Pneumatic Foot Pedal:  1Foot pedal for hands-free operation.

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